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Line fades between indoor, outdoor fabrics

“Knowledge is of two kinds: We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it.” Samuel Johnson (1709-1784), English author I have written many times about how lucky we are to live in the Mojave Desert because of the indoor/outdoor lifestyle it affords us. The climate allows us to keep our houses open most of the year, and, if we’re not actually outside, our homes are open. A lot of folks in some parts of the country are saddled with snow, sleet, freezing temperatures and the winter doldrums this time of year. Brrr, it makes me cold to just think about it. Yes, we’re lucky. The indoor/outdoor lifestyle also allows us to make very creative and interesting selections when it comes to our décor and style — inside and out. says this about the indoor/outdoor trend: “Not long ago, Army green plastic chairs were about all that was available to furnish your patio or screened porch. Luckily, times have changed, and the fabric industry has made remarkable improvements. These days, your outdoor sofa can be covered in a material that’s just as soft and stunning as the fabric on your dining room windows or your living room chairs. The choice of colors, patterns, and textures has never been better.” Yes, in addition to the horrendous green plastic chairs, the old outdoor fabrics were actually a hazard to your well-being. If you accidentally fell asleep with your face on a pillow or cushion, you woke up with track marks on your face or, worse yet, scratches from the rough, uneven weaves. Not so today.... read more

Top of the ladder – The Las Vegas Business Press recognizes 10 powerful local businesswomen

Each May, the Las Vegas Business Press invites the business community to nominate 10 of the most impressive, accomplished ladies in Las Vegas. Every year, selecting 10 from the hundreds of submissions we receive is a challenge. The 2012 Women Who Mean Business award winners are an impressive bunch, working tirelessly to ensure their organizations’ success, despite the tough economic conditions around them. This year’s crop of nonprofit presidents, hospitality executives, Realtors, attorneys and more know better than anyone that having a high-powered career means little without being able to help others climbing the ladder. Our Women Who Mean Business are philanthropy-minded individuals who give back to Southern Nevada as a way of saying thanks. And the Las Vegas Business Press staff congratulates them in return, for paving the way for up-and-coming women and exemplifying the best our city has to offer. … DEBBI SOMERS PRESIDENT, SOMERS FURNITURE Debbi Somers is all about change. As the owner of Somers Furniture, she’s been in the business of identifying, and consequently capitalizing, on tourism industry trends for 23 years. She’s moved from renting furniture to convention exhibitors to custom-building pieces for nightclubs and hotel pool areas, as well as selling furniture online. “You have to look at where business is right now and then change to fit the climate you’re in,” she said. Somers founded her company with a 10,000-square-foot rented warehouse, one employee, a rented truck and limited inventory. Today, she owns a 57,000-square-foot warehouse, a fleet of trucks and inventory in excess of $2 million. She also employs 20 full-time people. As a business owner, Somers says her work... read more

Shrewd, smaller Vegas resorts show that innovating, renovating can do wonders

When I look at the hand-painted psychedelia of the piano; the ornate, custom-made pool table; and shoe fetish art in the lobby of the Royal House, I feel a little hopeful, which hasn’t been a very common emotion these past few years. The Royal, on Convention Center Drive, is a creative blend of commerce, art and design — and an attempt to create a niche product that the megaresorts can’t offer because they’re too busy putting thousands of heads in beds or in front of slot machines. In fact, while the era of megaresort construction is finished for now, we’re in the middle of a renovation boom. This includes the megaresorts, such as the Bellagio, which just finished a $70 million renovation of rooms, along with Wynn Las Vegas, the Stratosphere and the MGM Grand, which began a $160 million renovation in October. As Jeremy Aguero, principal of Applied Analysis, wrote to me in an email, “Consider the adage that the typical Las Vegas casino-hotel has to be ‘remodeled’ about every seven years.” Our hotel rooms take a beating, especially on weekends. Aguero continued: “With 150,000-plus rooms, that would mean we are essentially redeveloping 20,000-plus rooms (and accompanying amenities) each year.” As he notes, 20,000 hotel rooms is more than many cities have in their entire inventory. We’re seeing a rush of renovations now, and will continue to because major operators delayed work during the crisis years of 2008, 2009 and 2010. Hunter Hillegas of RateVegas points to the work downtown and at the Plaza, El Cortez and Golden Gate — all poised to offer a cleaner, value-driven experience... read more

Somers Furniture Debuts Custom Pieces

Somers Furniture Debuts Custom Pieces Along with offering rental furniture, Somers Furniture will custom-manufacture chic designer furniture for clients. The company takes pride in its unique, original pieces such as the silver/black patent Louis sofa and chairs (in photo). The company’s rental line includes loveseats, cubes, pedestals, stools, occasional tables, ottomans, benches, chairs, sofas, banquettes, chaises, sectionals and etageres, among... read more

Born and raised: Natives offer perspectives on why Las Vegas will always be home

While in the design stage of Born and Raised, the Godino’s were adamant to work only with local Las Vegas companies, Alice Roussos of Interior Motives worked as the designer along with Tammi Grassi of Somers Furniture to build customized furnishings for their location. Las Vegas Sun Article… Having a fake ID in Las Vegas was a given. Siblings Scottie and Ali Godino knew this. They both had fakes by the time they were 16, and they put them to good use. Scottie fondly remembers stuffing his Bishop Gorman High School uniform in the trunk of his car and hitting up Spearmint Rhino, Ra nightclub or one of the Station Casinos for some baccarat. “That was the equivalent of basketball for us,” he says. “It”s just what you did.” Now 29, Scottie says his hard-partying days are long gone. “I have friends from out of town who come to visit now, and they want to go crazy, but as a local you get all of that out of your system early.” That background has its benefits — and its consequences. It becomes part of your identity. When Scottie moved to South Carolina for a golf-focused college prep academy, he was known as “the kid from Vegas.” Sometimes you can take the boy out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the boy. And why would you want to, anyway? An adage goes that the children who live near the tracks are never the ones hit by trains. When you’re raised in America’s adult playground, you see the downsides of indulgence, sure, but you also know... read more

Hospitality Design Now – Somers Furniture Manufactures furniture used in Suites at Rumor Hotel – Las Vegas

After seeing what designer Mark Tracy of Chemical Spaces had created for the rooms at the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas, the owners of the recently opened Rumor Hotel decided to call on the local designer to bring a loud yet classy factor to their new Fantastic Four suites. “They only said they wanted a lot of color like the Hard Rock rooms,” says Tracy. Lots of color ensues, as does various textures, bold images, and “bling.” “I wanted the rooms to provide a complete party atmosphere,” he says, also adding that his firm fabricated all the drapery, art, paint, and case goods for the project. Beds are found in the living space, and the bathrooms boast 18-feet-long lounge benches and five-person showers. “Mix in a little alcohol and music and you have got yourself a party,” he says. Perhaps the biggest eye-opener is the wide range of mysterious and seductive images, many of women. For instance, the black room is rich in sex appeal thanks to crisscrossing mirror strips and black-on-black tones with silver accents that are further enhanced by an image of a woman’s corseted torso in the bedroom and one of her pulling off her panties in the bathroom. “It was all about hiding out and partying during the middle of the day with a dark atmosphere,” he says. “I like the shock value.” In the red room, a red-lipped black-and-white face of a woman holds a red rose, while a gray suede headboard cantilevers up the wall and across the ceiling, and down the opposite wall, forming another headboard to another bed across the room.... read more

Vegas Magazine – Rumor Has It

Undeterred by riffraff and drawn to dilapidated properties like bees to a honeycomb, Stephen Siegel, founder and CEO of The Siegel Group, and his director of business development, Michael Crandall, are building a resort empire in Las Vegas. True, this empire is being assembled in small, ornate pieces that the company has termed “boutique” chic retreats. These chic resorts have not always been so, but have been given a healthy luster after the company’s brazen buying spree in the last two years. Commonly known for its budget-friendly Siegel Suites residences and apartment buildings, The Siegel Group has snapped up The Resort on Mount Charleston; the Artisan, located on West Sahara Avenue a couple of miles west of the Strip; Oasis at Gold Spike on Ogden Avenue near the heart of downtown Las Vegas; and the group’s flagship, Rumor. The hotel was long known as St. Tropez (and, most recently, as the shuttered St. Tropez), across from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on Harmon Avenue. Dark, closed, in need of extensive renovation: Rumor appealed greatly to Siegel, who paid $10.5 million in September 2009 and spent $3.5 million in a ground-up renovation project in advance of its July opening. Siegel has been taking on such makeover projects since he purchased his first The Siegel Group property in a run-down area just behind the Las Vegas Convention Center in 2004. He loved the location, as the parcel was connected to the Convention Center grounds, and he soon spruced up the dwelling, and in doing so improved the entire region. He since sold the property back to the Convention Center, for... read more

Somers Furniture built the outdoor furniture for The Artisan with designer Kim Daost of Tandem Las Vegas

The hotel carved a niche as a boutique hangout where the valley’s coolest hipsters came to sip cocktails and listen to music. Now the Artisan, 1501 W. Sahara Ave., is making a splash on the local pool party scene. “Everyone in Vegas loves to be outside, and we have such a beautiful, intimate pool that we thought we could have some good parties,” says Brett Rubin, the Artisan’s director of entertainment. From 4 to 10 p.m. Mondays, resident DJ The Spacebyrdz and special guest DJs spin during Aqua Boogie. DJs Jonny Angel and Prism play progressive house and trance from 2 to 8 p.m. Saturdays during the Wet Dreams Pool Party. Special guest DJs sometimes make appearances, too. Resident DJ Keith Evan hosts the Lounge-Inn Pool Party from 3 to 10 p.m. Sundays. The theme changes each week, Rubin says. There is no cover charge for any of the pool parties. Management relies heavily on word of mouth to draw attention to their events, Rubin says. Crowds average about 150 people, mostly locals. Many people discover the pool when they come to dinner or for a drink, Rubin says. Bottle service is offered starting at $200. The venue features three cabanas at no charge but a $500 food and beverage minimum is required. There is also no charge for the 10 daybeds; instead, guests have a $100 food and beverage minimum. No complimentary seating is provided. For information or reservations, call 214-4000. Contact reporter Sonya Padgett at or... read more

Somers furniture built the kiosk at McCarran Airport with Chris Harvey of Design Factory Las Vegas

Buying a Las Vegas souvenir at the airport used to involve a pair of fuzzy dice, shot glass, casino T-shirt or simple variation thereof. These days, one of the more popular, yet curious places for last-minute gifts at McCarran’s C gates is the Hard Rock’s Rehab-branded kiosk, which sells merchandise bearing the logo of the resort’s racy, long-running pool party. Rehab Opens With Snoop Dogg (4-19-2009) The kiosk, the latest expansion of the Rehab brand beyond the Rehab-focused reality show on truTV, sells clothing basics along with curios like a $285 dive watch, of which 200 have sold so far this year. It’s a temporary, though calculated experiment for the Hard Rock, which counts Rehab as one of the its best-selling brands. The party and reality show have generated national publicity for the property and for Las Vegas. With the spread of Rehab-style pool parties across Las Vegas, the town has become associated with an over-the-top poolside lifestyle involving waxed hardbodies, dance music and copious amounts of booze. For people who witness the party live or simply watch it from their living room couches, Rehab souvenirs represent a piece of this fantasy world, said Krista Tye, Hard Rock senior executive director of retail operations. Some are thankful for the opportunity to buy last-minute gifts, she added. “They’re buying a little piece of Vegas so they can go home and tell their Vegas stories.” The cabana-shaped kiosk, which opened July 7 and closes Oct. 15 to coincide with pool season, is a tame version of the real thing, with thumping house music and scenes from the Rehab reality show playing... read more

With new owner and look, Rumor welcomes first guests

Former St. Tropez will be co-marketed with The Artisan Rumor, the Siegel Group’s latest turnaround project, will welcome its first guests today. The 150-room hotel is the second boutique-style hotel the company has refurbished this year and is having a soft opening, with the official grand opening coming next month. The first guests will include a group of people who won a Los Angeles radio station promotion contest. “We want to bring some guests in and make sure everything is right; work out the kinks,” Siegel Group President Stephen Siegel said. Siegel Group paid $4 million to renovate the former St. Tropez on Harmon Avenue across the street from the Hard Rock Hotel. Siegel bought the closed property in September for $10.5 million. Rumor will be co-marketed with The Artisan, which the company bought in January. Rumor will offer rooms for $79 per night midweek and $139 per night on the weekends to start. Siegel said the company is using “guerrilla marketing” to generate interest in Rumor and the 64-room Artisan. However, he expects that word-of-mouth from the properties’ customers to generate enough excitement to fill the rooms. “What’s good about Rumor and Artisan is that once people get here, they love it,” Siegel said “It’s just getting people to know we’re here.” Siegel said Rumor is being marketed heavily in Los Angeles to the “young, influential entrepreneur and creative arts person” between age 25 and 50. Closer to home, Siegel Group executive Yale Rowe said the company is talking to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and other destination management companies to promote Rumor. Rowe said the... read more