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Somers Convention Furniture Rental is Back

A Note from Debbi

Why am I going back to the convention furniture rental business? During the recession Las Vegas Convention Authority did their job…made it seem like Las Vegas is not affected, the ads were business as usual. For many of us we were struggling to find a customer and get that customer to part with his money! Now that was the trick, you got money, but the customer hung onto it for dear life! In the meantime, due to LVCVA great job in letting the country think we were doing great, so far from the truth…11 new furniture rental companies came to Las Vegas because they had little business in their towns. Never saw so many companies give away free furniture. Hard for anyone to make money when you start at zero.

As my employees looked to me for advice, I made the decision to not compete with free and focus on my retail business. We would continue to service the customers we had but marketing dollars would be spent on getting retail profitable.

Somers Convention Furniture Rental was established in 1989 after I worked as manager at Breuners Rents Las Vegas for five years and build the business to the largest dollar grossing showroom in Nevada and California, specializing in convention rental servicing Greyhound. When Breuners decided to eliminate the convention division in 1988, it was an easy decision to open a company that included a fleet of trucks, a crew that repaired the furniture and a cleaning machine. All this I never had before and within six months we were profitable! Victory!

Now we are back!

It is 2018 and Las Vegas is gearing up for conventions, holiday and sports parties, sure to be bigger and better than last year…. and there were some good ones, we know because we did them!  From Alexis Park’s Over The Top Event to Bellagio’s VIP Sports Viewing, and  ConAg’s Convention Classroom Seating – we are changing the way conventions and events look!

Contact us today to get your project started & standing out, don’t have your booth or event look like #twinning!

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