Somers Furniture crew 2019

Thirty-one years – but who’s counting?

Thirty-one years ago today Somers Convention Furniture Rental Inc. was born, with Debbi Dalton Somers as the Chick in Charge. The first woman owned company to hit the convention floor. Was it easy? When has being first ever been easy? If there was a mistake to be made, we probably made it. But hiring the best workers with no relevant experience then asking them to learn new skills everyday totally worked.

The industry did not welcome us with open arms, to put it mildly. From slashing our trailer tires, to scattering furniture everywhere, to becoming the training ground for Local 631 Teamsters Institute of Dirty Tricks.

We could never had done it without “The Crew”

We invented systems to set us apart, despite having unwilling partners to work it, and still we thrived! Would we do it again? Absolutely! Given the same crew, but without that sense of humor, we would have never survived. A team that works together, has each other’s backs, and can laugh when things are tough and then get worse – that’s the Secret Sauce.

Another ingredient is the team in the shadows – the CPA, attorney and banker who rode with us all the way. Loyalty is just as important as humor. Especially in a place like Las Vegas that is basically a small town with a lot of people in it.

Hang on! There’s a hill ahead!

It’s been one crazy roller coaster ride and right now we’re in one of the dips. We’ve been there before so we know it’s just part of the ride!

If you’ve been one of our customers, one of our vendors, one of our supportive friends
– thank you, thank you, thank you.

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