Luxury Resort Style outdoor patio furniture line by Somers Furniture.

We did the Covid Pivot!

In less than 2 months we developed & launched Resort Style, our new line of semi-custom patio furniture designed to bring the luxury vacation resort lifestyle to backyards across America!

As you could guess my rental furniture division is nonexistent until around the end of the year for conventions, large events, hotels and fundraisers. So to keep my employees, who are cross trained to be able to pack a truck from floor to ceiling and then frame custom furniture, making it possible to use the last piece of furniture at Super Bowl and when damaged we repair on site, when the generator starts you know the same person who just unloaded the semi is upholstering the sofa to BE brand new! I want to keep this team!

The Somers team voted to manufacture a new line of luxury furniture that is still handcrafted in Las Vegas, still use high-end materials, AND are offered at a mid-range price.

To replace that lost business the Somers team voted to manufacture a new line of furniture that is still handcrafted, still using fabrics that look and feel like interior, but at a mid range price tag. You think that is easy? Up for the challenge and starting 5-19-20, my team and I picked our best luxury sellers and we dissected each piece, without losing the cushy, comfortable feel that made us famous, how can we bring the cost down? Our framers, seamstress, upholsterers met daily, weekly, while we reproduced a new line of affordable furniture, as the office team called every supplier to get better prices, purchasing fabric by bolts as opposed to cut yardage, asking our fabric suppliers what are the best sellers nationwide not just in Las Vegas, where can we purchase marine grade wood and stainless steel supplies like staples, brackets, legs IN THE USA (I do have my priorities) at the cheapest price? Designers were asked to help select styles and fabrics. And my two rental delivery men taught themselves Photoshop watching YouTube over the weekend…yes they are in their 20”s! I have taken 2 classes and still can not use it!

We are proud to announce Somers Furniture’s new Semi-Custom Furniture Collections are ready to view and order online!

“But Debbi, What does semi-custom mean” you ask? It means we spent a lot of time making decisions based on our years of building custom furniture. We are presenting specific pieces in only the sizes and sets shown and have the nation’s top ranking fabric selections for customizing. The fabric selections are: three different base fabrics and four different cushion fabrics in our Resort Style Collection (and we can show you all the combinations on each furniture piece, thanks to Photoshop and 20 year olds!) We are also featuring our premium Lip and Football sofas in our new Entertainment Novelty Collection in this Semi-Custom line. Lip Sofas comes in three different colors and the Football Sofa seat back can be fabricated in team colors. We’ve done this to be able to bring our quality products to more people, offer volume discounts, streamline the purchase process, and still remain competitive!

When they say it takes a village…believe them! While people were cleaning out their closets while working from home, we were working on how to reinvent ourselves again…

Please take a look at out new collections and let us know what what you think! We’re really excited to share this with you and want to thank all of our fabulous clients, vendors and friends for all of your continued support! And as always, if you need something custom made right here in Las Vegas, USA… we’ve got you covered – just contact us!

Our semi-custom collection is a combination of our designer selected luxury outdoor furniture pieces and novelty pieces in only the sizes and sets shown and have 6 best selling outdoor fabrics offered for customizing. We excited to bring our quality handcrafted products to more people, offer free curbside delivery anywhere in the continental US, discount pricing for popular luxury patio furniture sets, streamlined online purchasing, short lead times and we still remain competitive! You have the ability to mix and match pieces or fabrics, the more you buy, the more you save! Can't find the set you want? Contact us so we can help!

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