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Coronavirus Cancellation Policy

A Note from Debbi

This weekend I got called by an event person and a competitor furniture rental company asking how many of my customers have cancelled their furniture rental order because their event or convention was cancelled due to the virus. I found out that many rental companies are charging a cancellation fee, others are charging full price – that’s right, no discount at all! This is because they do not stock their own furniture – the furniture has to be trucked in and the packing and shipping starts well in advance of the show.

We’re local, own, clean & stock our furniture!

We sanitize, bag and stock all of our furniture right here in our Las Vegas warehouse. We don’t pack the truck days in advance so we do not have to charge for furniture not delivered if an event gets cancelled due to Coronavirus.

We got you covered!

Check out our newfangled Coronavirus Policy & Sanitizing FAQs:

Q: What if my event is canceled due to Coronavirus?
A: Somers Furniture Coronavirus Cancellation Policy for Rental Furniture:
If your event is cancelled just send us the communique from the event organizer and Somers Furniture Rental Division will not charge for local rental furniture cancellations due to Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Q: Is your rental furniture sanitized?
Somers Furniture Rental Division has always sanitized and bagged all of its rental furniture after each use. Our furniture is safely cleaned, bagged, and stored in our Las Vegas warehouse awaiting the next show or event.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. We’re in this together – so wash your hands – and thank you for being part of our Las Vegas family!

Now, aren’t you glad you chose Somers Furniture? You should probably get a raise!

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