NuWu Cannabis Marketplace

Rental furniture seems appropriate in the tasting room at NuWu Cannabis Marketplace because we were not sure what the patrons would like to sit on since it was Las Vegas’s first tasting room. Somers delivered lounge sofas, chairs, high tops, barstools, cocktail tables so NuWu could then observed where their clients gravitated before finalizing their floor plan and purchasing permanent furniture.

Rental lounge seating consisted of black modular pieces with glass cocktail tables, black suede chairs around glass and chrome cocktail tables and black vegan leather around glass chrome cocktail tables to give NuWu clients comfortable seating and allows natural movement in the space. For more about this unique project check out our blog post .

Products Featured:

  • 1298 Black Corner Chairs
  • 1297 Black Modular Chairs
  • 1202 Black Suede Chairs
  • 1291 Black Button Suede Chairs
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