Encore Resort and Casino

Brown Suede Sofa, love seat and cocktail tables make a meeting room on a patio.

If you are lucky enough to have a meeting room in one of the Las Vegas hotel and it comes with a patio, why not use exterior rental furniture to continue the look of the meeting room but gives you an escape to make a call, enjoy a laugh with a client or just relax on comfortable rental furniture for conventions, events, meeting rooms, weddings, parties, conference rooms and gatherings, inside or outside. Somers Furniture rental division supplied a brown suede sofa, loveseat and cocktail tables to turn this patio at Encore Resort and casino into the perfect meeting room.

Products Featured:

  • 1030 Chocolate Suede Sofa
  • 1135 Chocolate Suede Loveseat
  • 2502 Black Croc Cocktail Tables
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