VIP Lounge Seating for Fundraiser

The first thing you think of when it comes to rental furniture for the VIP guests at a fundraiser is color, color, color! Especially when the theme is Rockin’ Havana Nights! M Resorts meeting room was transformed to a cocktail party with signature drinks and bright colored rental furniture in hot pink, purple, blue, black and white, from black benches, rattan sofas and chairs, ottomans and pillows in bright colors, even a hot pink sofa. Somers Furniture Rental Division supplied this luxurious custom furniture and color scheme, giving the VIPs the perfect experience during cocktail hour.

Products Featured:

  • 1302 Serpentine Double Sided Sectional
  • 1044 Rattan Sofas and 1267 Rattan Chairs
  • 1260 Black 8’ Bench,1232 Pink Cube Ottomans
  • 6410 Hot Pink Pillows, 6453 Blue Pillows
  • 6404 Green Pillows
  • 2602 Black Croc Cocktail Tables
  • 2009 Black Chrome Cocktail Table
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