DAYLIGHT Beach Club-Mandalay Bay

poolside seating and furniture at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas

Daylight Beach Club in Mandalay Bay, hired 1027 Design Management to partner with Somers Custom Furniture to manufacture and install all of the furnishings and seating for the elaborate and expansive poolside retreat. The open air environment is expertly space planned to accommodate maximum conversation groupings and configured so cleverly that you have a sense of privacy amongst each pod. All conversation areas consist of daybeds and a side table with a safe, which allows guest to feel comfortable leaving valuables why they take a dip in the refreshing pool. The Daylight and Somers design team came together to create the ultimate outdoor destination of sun and fun for locals and visitors alike!

A subdued color palette of textiles was cleverly selected so that the furnishings bend effortlessly into the background. The design team was committed to creating an atmosphere where the guests are the focal point of this exceptional day club. Once you enter this serene environment, notice the vibe is all about socialization of people from different walks of life coming together with one goal in mind, have an amazing time. The daybed frames are upholstered in a rich brown outdoor fabric that blends into the palm tree bases and the wrought iron railings. Plush seat cushions are upholstered in a durable easy maintained Sunbrella fabric that disappears into the cabanas stucco and limestone flooring. Upon further inspection you might notice that the cool blue throw pillows on the daybeds resemble the clear blue desert sky.

Products Featured:

  • Custom built daybed frames, built in two pieces so they can be used for either a sofa or together they are a daybed, sofas, and accent tables with built in safes are upholstered in an outdoor fabric.
  • Plush seat cushions are upholstered in a durable easy maintained outdoor fabric.
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