cad drawing of custom furniture in outdoor space with color swatches

We’ve Got CAD Drawings for Furniture Planning!

Sometimes it's impossible to visualize how your backyard or booth space is going to look with new furniture - we understand!

Thanks to our talented team, Somers Furniture is proud to be able to offer CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawing services for your custom designed furniture, living and event areas. During the pandemic, our amazing Rental Department expanded our services by learning new skills in Photoshop and CAD! Who said millennials are not ambitious?

Welcome to 2021! No more “Think it will fit?” or “Hope it will work!” - now you will know it will work!

With CAD we are better able to illustrate how the furniture will fit in your space, how the custom pieces will be designed, and how it will all work in your environment. We can also add color, texture and dimension to the furniture of your choice so you can have a more complete picture of how the custom furniture will ultimately look!

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