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Show Us Your Work-From-Home Space

One of the most creative changes we went through in the past 31 years was adding manufacturing furniture to our rental business. We’re so glad we went through that change as the Somers Furniture’s retail side of the business gets to work with some of the most talented designers in the country!

Somers Furniture Work From Home Challenge

We’re challenging our designers to show off what they consider to be the best “work from home” environment. What does it look like from your eyes?

We also want to see what everybody would think is the best! Don’t be shy-show off your creativity! Post the good, the bad and the funny, because in times like this, we need more humor in our everyday life!

We thought we would start it by showing you our idea of a killer “work from home” space -come on and top us! Post your pics on social media and include be sure to include these hashtags: #StayHome4NV #WorkFromHome #SomersChallenge

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