Line fades between indoor, outdoor fabrics

“Knowledge is of two kinds: We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it.” Samuel Johnson (1709-1784), English author

I have written many times about how lucky we are to live in the Mojave Desert because of the indoor/outdoor lifestyle it affords us. The climate allows us to keep our houses open most of the year, and, if we’re not actually outside, our homes are open. A lot of folks in some parts of the country are saddled with snow, sleet, freezing temperatures and the winter doldrums this time of year. Brrr, it makes me cold to just think about it.

Yes, we’re lucky. The indoor/outdoor lifestyle also allows us to make very creative and interesting selections when it comes to our décor and style — inside and out. says this about the indoor/outdoor trend: “Not long ago, Army green plastic chairs were about all that was available to furnish your patio or screened porch. Luckily, times have changed, and the fabric industry has made remarkable improvements. These days, your outdoor sofa can be covered in a material that’s just as soft and stunning as the fabric on your dining room windows or your living room chairs. The choice of colors, patterns, and textures has never been better.”

Yes, in addition to the horrendous green plastic chairs, the old outdoor fabrics were actually a hazard to your well-being. If you accidentally fell asleep with your face on a pillow or cushion, you woke up with track marks on your face or, worse yet, scratches from the rough, uneven weaves.

Not so today. Outdoor fabric has experienced a true metamorphosis. Outdoor fabrics are just as at home inside the home as outside. They are beautiful, sturdy, hold up to all kinds of weather, pets and children and they are very comfortable for naps.

To prove this point, and by example, a local entrepreneur has recently redone an entire Las Vegas home using outdoor fabrics indoors.

Debbi Somers, owner of Somers Furniture, makes resort furniture in addition to her line of indoor and convention furniture. Because the outdoor fabrics are so beautiful and versatile, Somers decided to go one step further and use them throughout an entire home. Spaces included in the makeover were a living and dining room, and even a beautiful bedroom.

Somers Furniture says it is “the go to outdoor furniture resource for resorts using cutting-edge design and luxury with its trademark-pending durable construction. The result is that you can create your own living room outside and know that it will stand up to the test of time.”

It also caters to interior space.

“Here, we use outdoor fabrics that have been tested to withstand fading, stains caused by lotions, food and beverages. Furniture subject to the sun, either direct or shaded, will not be affected. It is also kid and pet friendly,” Somers said.

As you can see from the photos, the spaces are beautifully appointed with custom-made furniture using outdoor fabric. You also can see there are huge windows exposing the furniture to the sun all day. In addition to being long lasting and resistant to stains and spills, outdoor fabric will stand up to that kind of sun exposure. Somers said when she removed the previous furnishings upholstered with indoor fabric, which she also had made, the fabrics had faded because of the exposure to the sun.

The homeowner expects many years of comfort and joy from her newly appointed home, even with the full exposure. I was able to view the home and, in addition to the sheer beauty of the furnishings, I was very impressed with the feel of the fabrics. No scratched faces here. Even if you fall asleep and spill your drink, no worries. It’s all good.

For more information on Somers Furniture and the lines and fabrics it offers, visit its website at The website boasts, “There’s one sure way to get exactly the furniture you want — have it custom built! Whether it’s for rental or retail, Somers’ team of designers and craftsmen can turn your ideas into reality. Go ahead and let your imagination run wild. We love a challenge! If you can dream it, we can do it!”

The furniture and fabrics will inspire you to create that indoor/outdoor look in your home.


Carolyn Muse Grant is a founder and past president of the Architectural & Decorative Arts Society, as well as an interior design consultant/stylist specializing in home staging. Send questions to

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