Women Of Distinction Award 2008

Entrepreneur of the Year: Debbi Somers

Somers Furniture was established in March 1989 by Debbi Somers with initial focus on supplying rental furniture for the convention, hotel and casino industry. In the past 19 years, as the owner and CEO, Somers has enjoyed successes as well as faced challenges. “We have grown from our initial 10,000-square-foot rented warehouse with one employee, one rented truck and limited inventory to our present status”, she said. Somers now owns a 57,000-square-foot warehouse, has a company-owned fleet of trucks and an inventory in excess of $2 million. “We now employ 20 full-and part-time employees. Each of our three divisions has a female manager in charge,” she added.

Somers Furniture’s latest projects have been the design, construction and installation of all furniture for the newest nightclubs in Las Vegas: the 40/40 Club at the Venetian and Trader Vic’s at Mirage Mile in Planet Hollywood.

Somers is grateful for her success and fells she has a responsibility to give back to the Las Vegas community. She supports Andre Agassi’s Grand Slam for Children, Festival of Trees, Women Business Owners, Lili Claire Foundation and other deserving charities.

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