Royal Wedding

fun rental furniture for residential or commercial use displayed in showroom Las Vegas

2018 was the year for royal wedding parties. The blending of British and American traditions was used in wedding cocktails, themed foods and can elevate the experience, but to set the mood, the furniture is the perfect addition. Let Somers Furniture decorate your event using red, white and blue furniture.

Modular chairs are upholstered in an embossed white patent textured vegan leather crocodile print seating arrangement alongside a red mid-century modern egg chair accented with vibrant red white and blue throw pillows.

Products Featured:

  • 1279 White Patent Modular Chair
  • 1278 White Patent Corner Chair
  • 4026 Chrome Table Lamp
  • 4027 Chrome Floor Lamp
  • 1248 Red Suede Chair
  • 2613 12x12x42 White Cube Pedestal
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