M Resort & LaGasse’s Stadium

Somers Furniture manufactures interior hospitality seating solutions that are perfectly tailored to practical needs and design ideas – just what M Resort & LaGasse’s Stadium was looking for! We were asked to build custom high-back floor to ceiling banquettes nestled together to cocoon each seating section with privacy, using fabric to control voice levels, whether in a high end restaurant or luxury nightclub booth. Our solution: Gold metallic high back horizontal channeled booths were custom made for the high-end dining at M Resort, and gold velvet high back upholstered banquettes serve as lounge seating at Lagasse’s Stadium.

Products Featured:

  • Custom built-in high-back dining banquettes
  • Custom built high-back floor to ceiling seating banquette
Gold metallic high back horizontal channelled booths used for high end dining at M Resort
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