Custom Banquettes

straight back wall to wall banquette dining seating in Las Vegas restaurant

Pho Kim Long Restaurant, The Met Apartments Clubhouse, and Whiting Turner Cafeteria turned to Somers Furniture for custom seating that is both stylish and comfortable!

Cocoa colored straight textured back and smooth seated banquette from wall to wall dining seating adds to the rope and wood design back wall in Pho Kim Long Restaurant. The new clubroom at The Met Apartments Clubhouse hosts a royal blue curved banquette with white dining tables to make it comfortable and classy. And orange dining booths made easy clean up for Whiting Turner office cafeteria.

Banquette seating refers to the built-in benches often found in restaurant seating. While booths and banquettes have always been a cozy way to dine, they have now moved into the residential arena and are showing up in kitchens and family rooms everywhere.

Products Featured:

  • Custom straight 25′ wall to wall banquette dining seating
  • Custom built-in curved banquette for dining or relaxing
  • Custom individual banquettes booths made parties of four ready to chow down
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